Borders eBooks

Competition is a good thing, right? With a number of competitors already in the game, one more should not hurt anything. Borders has announced today that it is stepping in to battle it out with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple with the release of their own eBook store and eReader apps.

The free eReader app from Borders is available on a number of different platforms including iOS [iTunes], Mac [download] and PC. Apps are coming soon for Android and Blackberry.

The eBooks are published using ePub format so it will work on dedicated eReaders such as the Sony Touch and Sony Pocket. According to the FAQ some of the books are even available in PDF, which should make it readable using Apple’s iBook app.

With the apps, you can:

  • browse and buy eBooks at, where you’ll find over a million titles, including a generous selection of free books
  • search by title, author, topic, or keyword
  • make quick and easy purchases
  • access your eBook Library
  • download eBooks for offline reading
  • enjoy automatic bookmarking, print quality resolution, smooth transitions between pages and chapters, and customized fonts and type sizes

Give the app a run and let us know what you think. Is this a win for borders, or do they need to step it up a notch to compete with the rest of the companies? [Borders]