According to one of HardMac‘s “better sources” Apple plans to update the Mac Pro line towards the end of summer just in time for the annual “back to school” promotion. The Mac Pro is not exactly a student system, so I am not quite sure about the timing on this one. However, the same source also claims that the iMac line will receive an update a few weeks into autumn. It sounds to me like the source may have the update times for the two swapped.

The updated models are said to include USB 3.0 as well as faster FireWire S1600 and S3200. Good news for FireWire fans, as it looks like Apple is not ready to completely ditch the interface just yet.

As far as LightPeak is concerned, it does not look like Apple will be able to get that into devices for at least one more year. As you might expect, there are still no plans to include Blu-ray support in any Mac line. [HardMac]