Late last week, Apple has begun refunding customers for the purchase of the iPhone 4 Bumper cases. The process is being done automatically, and if you purchased the bumper through an Apple Retail Store you can check the status of your refund by visiting this website.

Interesting enough, the refund process does not appear to be limited to one bumper case per iPhone. When the iPhone 4 was released I picked up two bumpers for myself and my wife, before I left the store I picked up two additional bumpers for a friend and his wife who opted to have their iPhone 4s shipped to them. Both purchases, for a total of 4 bumpers, were made on the same credit card and only a few minuets apart. Both have been refunded for a total of $126.72 (refund includes sales tax).

If you used cash, a gift card, or purchased an iPhone 4 bumper some place other than an Apple Retail Store, you will need to take your receipt back to the store of purchase to claim your refund.

In addition to the Bumper Refunds, Apple has also started the free case program. To obtain your free iPhone 4 case, you first need to download Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program App [iTunes]. The app is fairly simple, when you launch it, it will request your Apple / iTunes password. After that you will be presented with a list of about eight case that you can preview, and once you have decided what case to get, simply select it and the case will ship out in a few weeks.

The free cases that are available include an Incase Snap Case in smoke or clear, Belkin Shield Micra in clear, Griffin Motif in black and the Griffin Reveal Etch in black graphite, and the Speck PixelSkin HD in black as well as the Speck Fitted Case in black tartan. The Apple bumper is also available, however only the black version is listed. Only having the black version available is odd considering Apple pulled all of the colors from the store earlier in the week.

You will need to install the app on each iPhone 4 that you want a free case for, and it does appear as though Apple is sending out the free cases even if you had a refund for a bumper.

During Apple’s Q3 2010 financial report, Apple announced that they expected the cost to cover the free case program to be around $175 million. However they have deferred until the end of the quarter.

Apple is also continuing to remind customers that if they are not satisfied with their iPhone 4, they can return it for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase. Simply take the phone back to the Apple Retail Store or AT&T Store where you purchased the iPhone.