Apple Battery ChargerIf you are running Apple’s wireless keyboard and wireless Apple Mouse or Magic Mouse you may already be burning through AA batteries. With the addition of  the new Magic Trackpad to your accessory lineup the chances of having at least one device with low batteries is even higher. To help keep all of those devices running, Apple has a new solution for you, the appropriately named the Apple Battery Charger. Honestly, I would have expected them to call it the iCharger or perhaps the Magic Charger.

Apple is really pushing the green envelope with the new product. Apple claims that their battery charge has the lowest standby power of any similar charger with a 30 mW draw compared to the average charger’s 315 mW draw.

The Apple Battery Charger includes 6 AA NiMH batteries which are designed to maintain a high charge capacity for hundreds of charges, and have a service life up to 10 years. Apple says you can even use the charger with NiMH batteries from other companies as well.

The Apple Battery Charger with batteries is available now for $29.00. Hopefully Apple will sell additional batteries as well, I’ve been replacing batteries in my Magic Mouse every three weeks.