US Silicon Keyboard Protector Skin Cover For Macbook Pro

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Seller Banggood INT
Brand Eachine1

Description: Weight:40g Material:Silicon Compatible Model:US Macbook Pro13″ 15″ 17″ Color:black,white,blue,pink,yellow,orange,light green,rose red,light blue,white blue Feature: Easy to cover and remove. Less noise while typing, not disturb your work. Protects your keyboard from dust, crumbs, spills. Mosaic design, Ultra thin, flexible, transparent and reusable Uses: Tight fit in the keyboard surface, without prejudice to any keyboard operation. Incorporating convenient, freely and without distortion twists.This Silicone Soft Keyboard Cover is soft and comfortable for use.Flexible cover prevents dust and dirt. Package included: 1*US Macbook Pro Keyboard Skin More detail: black white light green orange yellow light blue blue pink rose red white blue

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